Best of San Francisco: #JasinSF

As my SF trip draws to a close, I thought I would list my top picks for anyone else visiting. My number one advice is to stay away from the Tenderloin neighborhood, which for some reason is 1 or 2 blocks away from the most congested touristy area of SF (union square). Stay north of Geary St anything between 5th avenue to the Mission is a bit sketchy, and anything west of the Theatre district – mason street is not worth exploring. Just be weary of this one area. Plus, do not book hotels in this area either, its cheap because most of them are live in hotels with shared bathrooms..yikes.

Best Chocolate and/or Ice Cream

photo (59)


No description needed: Ghirardelli is a must.

Best Restaurant

Fine, I didn’t go everywhere, but my local friend has, and so the one night we went out for dinner, she took me to Burma SuperStar. It’s in an unassuming neighborhood with an hour wait but well worth it. We had tea leaf salad, samosa soup, and pumpkin and pork curry with coconut rice. It was delicious beyond reason. Sorry, I enjoyed my food so much, I failed to take any pictures, yelp probably has a wide selection though.

Best Coffee

I stayed in SOMA for my first 2 weeks in SF, and right around the corner was Philz. Yes, it’s a franchise, but quite unique. It’s literally a custom make coffee place. They have set recipes that they name romantically, but you can request them to be sweet and creamy or plain and bitter. The process takes a bit of time, but this is definitely worth the wait. Again, I failed to take any pictures, check out yelp.

Best Sightseeing Visit


I did see a fair bit while I was here, what I would recommend is Alamo Square. Climb the hill and face east to see the painted lady houses. Then face north and it will take your breath away.

What are your top picks for SF?

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