How to Get Responses from Cold Emails Part I

As an (online menswear) start-up, I find it challenging to reach out to influencers (bloggers, press, and media). I do believe its a common challenge regardless of what stage you are in business. When you don’t have a big marketing budget, you need to really hustle and do it all yourself. I wanted to share some tricks and hints to help you get more responses to your cold emails because lets face it, we don’t have a friend in LA who does PR or grew up in a circle of friends who happen to be in media.
Imagine the blue writing as your company, and imagine the red writing as what the influencer is probably thinking (assuming he or she even reads your email).
Do not do this – you will not get a response, this DID NOT work for me:
Hey there FIRST NAME OF PERSON YOU WANT TO IMPRESSwow you know my name! +1
My colleague had originally sent you an email a few months back in regards to our company – “YOUR COMPANY NAME AND WEBSITE“. Who? What?  I just wanted to update you on our current status as it may be of interest to your readers and more importantly, we would love to hear your feedback, given your experience in menswear and style. Yes, I do have experience in menswear and style – did you read that from my blog title? I really could care less of your current company status. We just launched 3 new PRODUCTS THAT NO ONE CARES ABOUTI have already deleted this email, since I know you copy and pasted this exact email to 50 other people.
I have attached our press release for your perusal. What? An attachment? Why would I download a press release, you lost me after the first sentence.
Hopefully you see what went wrong with the above email. Now, let me show you what worked. The catch is, its not a science, its an art and it takes a lot of work. Each email must be specifically tailored to the person you are targeting. You have to do your research on the person, you may want to READ THEIR BLOG. Not just the first blog, but read the entire blog from end to end. Think about it, what if someone read your blog from end to end and picked out specific things that you like or dont like. It may seem creepy, but you will be impressed and want to do something for the other person, wont you?
I am new to YOUR CITY and I run a COMPANY IN AN INDUSTRY THAT MATTERS TO YOU. I came across an article that you were featured in and thought to reach out to you. Cool, someone is visiting my city that is in my industry – oh and they saw me in the paper – that’s nice.
Having perused your blog, I do enjoy your opinions on style. I noticed that you like chambray as a shirting fabric, we recently did a short sleeved collared shirt in blue chambray that I would love to have you review. Also, I noticed that you prefer affordable custom clothing, we offer our customization for free. Oh, interesting, so this person obviously read my blog and saw what I liked, I should atleast check out their site to see what I think.
I do see some synergies between us. I would love the opportunity to perhaps meet you for a drink or coffee and figure out a way to work together. Oh, this is a bit forward but I will reply to the email.
So I did get a reply to this email. What I would have changed was perhaps not lay it on so thick with the use of words like love, synergy etc. Also, at the end, instead of assume there are synergies, I would instead ask for feedback, advice or help.
How do you reach out to cold contacts? Any tips and tricks? Anything you find works well that I haven’t covered?
PS – yes this is part I, next time I will give an example of press or media.

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