The Case for “Putting Yourself out There”

Granted, I don’t blog consistently, nor do I share many details of my life in social media. Yes, you occasionally know what I had for lunch, but I don’t go deeper into my day to day life or what I am feeling. Frankly, I don’t feel comfortable with over sharing. I do sometimes regret not sharing more of my current Indian experiences, perhaps in the future I will,  Plus, no one talks about their dark days or failures until they are deemed “successful”, right?

I follow a few bloggers and people who have their entire life online. There is a lot to admire and learn from. What I admire the most is that they actually put themselves out there.  Although, I am fairly quiet online, I do put myself out there as it pertains to pushing the envelope with my start-up. I’ve gotten some mild criticism but you learn after awhile that the best advice comes from those that actually have done what you’re doing and succeeded, everyone else is just noise.

It’s so easy to work for someone quietly in a corner and go to bed knowing that you didn’t ruffle any feathers or take any risks. Most people are content doing this, and that is perfectly fine. Where it no longer becomes fine is when people feel the need to look down on or verbally say negative things about those that are putting themselves out there. This is unnerving as there is a huge difference between healthy constructive criticism and down right disgusting troll like behaviour.

Most of this negative behaviour stems from jealousy and insecurity, which makes it considerably worse. I feel sorry for those that feel the need to put so much energy into hating others.

Putting yourself out there is one of the hardest things you can do, because it takes sheer confidence and belief in yourself along with guts, drive and a complete lack of ego. Yes, you can’t have an ego or be ashamed. So, this knocks out 3/4 of people who would ever consider putting themselves out there (maybe more). By the way, you can’t be an entrepreneur if you are unable to put yourself out there.

I suppose we will always have “haters” and “trolls” that will make us feel insecure about who we are. You can ignore it or you can thank them for their time and energy. After all, someone actually took the time out to not only read your content and write a comment, but he/she got emotional about it! You must be doing something right…

2 thoughts on “The Case for “Putting Yourself out There”

  1. It’s a tough balance. I started my blog for family and friends to document for my children my thoughts it however turned into something a lot bigger. I still never go back and re read or edit my blog just spell check and post. If you are comfortable in your skin then it never matters what anyone says!

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting! You’re right, being comfortable and confident in who you are should be enough, it’s something I’m working on! Perhaps one day I will have the courage to write more honestly and openly. Thanks again!

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