[Seat 14A] It’s Alive

…And it’s up.

Three and a half months later, we launched the next phase of Seat 14A. A concept that is not a subscription model of receiving clothing and definitely goes beyond the current e-styling craze. We want to control all aspects of the cycle including manufacturing, and distribution while having a super fast turnaround time. It’s like an online pop-up shop for menswear which features a different designer and completely different style twice a month (or until sold out).

We want to provide distributors and buyers with real time data of exactly what is selling and where. We want to give budding talent a chance to share their wares and designs with our worldwide distribution list. We want to shake up an industry that needs some serious technological and analytic infusion especially at the up and coming designer level.

These are points that the consumer would be unaware of though. On a consumer level, we provide an “outfit” where you buy and wear. No searching for a matching pocket square, scarf, shirt or tie. A painless and super simple way to look incredibly good.


I would appreciate any feedback! Also, I am looking for any talented designers who want to work with us – get in touch!

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