Post 30

Taj Mahal in Nov 2012Its 2013 now.

I realize how once you truly accept yourself, and understand what you want out life, the universe makes it happen.You do need to go through many hardships and meet various personalities, but those experiences will ultimately shape your adult life, post 30.

Post thirty is not so bad, I have a few white hairs but they are well earned. I have a close network of individuals in my life. I understand what it takes to build a company, that it starts with a strong team and the passion/love to make it work.

What else?

That you can’t force life, you have to just allow it to wash over you. You have to realize when to stop trying and when its time to move on. You have to trust your gut and heart in most situations.

That in fact, it is possible to do whatever you want to do and you are the only one stopping yourself from pursuing your dreams.

That money is like sand, it comes and goes as it pleases. What remains is your intelligence to keep the wheel churning out the life you want to live, if not now, then eventually.

Most importantly, post 30, I know my heart.

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