Chronicles of the blue and yellow line: Volume II

Story time folks. A wise friend told me this story but I have no idea where it came from. I have paraphrased it here…yes of course there is an entrepreneurial twist to it all..

There once was a old man who liked to fish, everyday he would fish for dinner and often times he would get more than one but throw them back in the water.

One day a young man came by and asked the older man why he didn’t try to sell the extra fish that he would throw back in the water.

The old man replied, then what?

The young man, now really excited at the prospect of selling fish explained well then you could hire people and teach them your fishing techniques and sell more fish and make more money!

The old man replied, then what?

The younger man replied, well then you could buy this part of the river and create a fish factory. Then you would be able to sell to the whole country and perhaps the world!

The older man, patiently replied: Then what?

Well then you could sell the fish factory to a more established fish company and retire.

Then what? The patient old man replied once again.

Well then you could do what you’ve always wanted to do!

The old man contemplated this and replied, you mean I would be able to fish everyday at my leisure?

It’s an interesting prospective on following our passions. Why not go directly to what it is that you want to do first?

Sometimes it’s not so cut and dry as “fishing”, a lot of us have more complicated goals and wants.

I must come back to the metro example to stay true to the title. A friend asked me why I would put myself through the struggle. Well I could say then what, well I would get a driver. Then what? Then we would move our office to the States. Then what? Then I would buy a loft in the city. Then what? I would probably take a subway or walk to the office because it would just be faster. D’OH.

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