Chronicles of the blue and yellow line – volume 1

As I stand in my cramped women’s only side of the Delhi metro trying to balance myself, I figure I should better update my blog since its been awhile. Things happened super fast, it’s hard to believe.

My running music which ordinarily would bring feelings of joy is now associated with a cramped and sometime smelly metro ride to and from work. It does provide some comfort though.

After about the first half hour of commuting, I start to question my life and existence which as it is, working on a start up is perfect. If you can’t get through the challenges and difficulties, then you’re not passionate about what you’re doing meanwhile someone else in the world who is doing the exact same thing doesn’t even see challenges and therefore will do a much better job of it.

I have to smirk at the expression lean start-up, there are even books written on the topic. Ps – as a start-up if you’re not lean than you’re doing something wrong.

Which brings me to an actual point – of course I could hire a driver or a cab, or even take an auto. Heck, I could flat out refuse to go to the office and just work from home, but no. I take the metro because it is $2 a day there and back including autos/rickshaws to the stations. It’s the cheapest option for someone who is not making money off the start-up that occupies 12 hours a day of attention. Ultimately the experience will push me harder to be able to freely take a car or helicopter or private jet. 🙂 If anything I will appreciate it a lot more and know I worked damn hard for what I have.

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