9 steps to a Fashion/Tech Startup

1. Move to NYC or atleast pretend you are somewhere where fashion is respected. (or a fashion AND tech center closest to you – *cough SF*.)

2. Have FB connect sign in on your site.

3. Have a social media presence on instagram, tumblr, pinterest AND polyvore- (twitter and fb are obvious).

4. Your interface must look like pinterest (big flashy pictures that can be scrolled) and don’t forget GPS enabled.

5. Use the word “curate”, better yet have stylists and people with klout be your pickers of trendy things.

6. Throw in some eco-friendly products or that new tech fabric as a focus of your business or at the very least, a sub category.

7. Don’t forget to include handmade and one of a kind type items. (Down with brand names!)

8. Local/neighborhood fashion based on trends is key.

9. Tie up everything into a monthly subscription box, where items can be returned when tried on and rolled over to recurring months (brilliant business model).

And Voila! There it is, all the fashion/tech trends happening right now with some degree of success.

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