Curating Local Fashion: Delhi

I decided to physically test out the local fashion idea. I went to the most popular market in Delhi “sarojini nagar market” where all the fashionistas go to buy unique and cheap clothes and accessories. You can get anything at this market, including foil paper, and tablecloths.  Making your way through the market attacks your nervous system and senses. You have people yelling at you from all directions, and small children pulling at your hands. Thankfully I went with a veteran fashionista and overall pro at navigating the market. I was thankful to have worn loose fitting clothes, and was equipped with a bottle of water and large hobo style bag for stuffing all your purchases in (not big enough). The day was super hot (I ended up getting sick for 3 days after this expedition).

But, I was happy – this was authentic Delhi. This was where you could get stuff that was made in India, usually export surplus items or illegal brand name clothes with tags ripped off. I looked for items that were Indian but not super unique that you couldn’t find at 5 other vendors. This turned out to be scarves and harem pants – cotton, funky styles and colours. Along with the outfits, jewelry and purses were also found in abundance. One small vendor had 2000 pieces of a unique black ribbon necklace with metallic gold pieces looped in. I got his number..just in case. Slowly, I formed accessory and outfit pairings in my head. So step 1 was complete, I curated local Delhi fashion based on what I think would appeal to the west. Even after getting sick, and very dehydrated, this was actually the easy part..

I shared two accessory sets with a few people to get their reactions, most thought it was cool, but its not in your face amazing or ground breaking by any means. I imagine most people didn’t even get around to opening up the email, especially since I got the link wrong and had to resend it. (I blame it on being sick).

In any case, I put something out there and now for the hard part of seeing how this thing evolves (hopefully into a monster of sorts!)

What do you think?

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