Jas’s Cinnamon Stay

I was fortunate to be a guest at “Cinnamon Stays“, a b&b/unhotel/homestay in Gurgaon (city just outside Delhi), which is known for its recent corporate office building explosion. The owner of CS is an avid twitterholic so of course we met and bonded over social media and marketing.

I was excited to be told early (via twitter) that I would be staying in the “Bollywood Room” and have a home cooked dinner. Could life get any better than this? Well, it came close :).

Cinnamon Stays consists of 3 villas in Gurgoan (expansion plans for Delhi and Goa) – 2 on the same street and 1 is a few kilometers away, both in gated communities. In total, there are 11 rooms, all with unique and quirky attributes unlike a regular hotel room. The villas are spacious, clean and resemble a funky art show. Along with the decor, there is a sense of comfort as soon as you walk in, perhaps it was the cleanliness, or the comfy couches – but what I found is in India, its hard to get comfortable and feel at home, atleast for me.

If this place existed in Delhi, I would move in. But, being in Gurgoan its perfect for business travelers who can get access to their meetings in cyber city. It can also be a great place to get away with a significant other for a weekend to yourselves or a place to go solo for a weekend to just watch tv, read a book and have some home cooked meals.

I give this place 9/10 (only one point off for the location – you need access to a car to get anywhere. For someone like me, the nearest metro is a 5 minute walk outside to the main road, and then a 100 rupee auto to Hudda City Metro.

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