Solo Epiphanies

One of the best things I have ever decided to do was go on a last minute, impromptu and most importantly, solo vacation. Although I have almost made a career out of traveling, I have never vacationed alone. Of course, I have gone and done business alone but I always stayed with friends.

I was scared and excited at the prospect of spending time alone with NO WORK. I knew that I needed the break, lately I was feeling overwhelmed and confused about the future and which steps to take next. For someone who gives out advice on this stuff, I was having trouble taking my own! I was buried deep in doubt, worry and frustration. I was trying to force something so I could reach a self imposed deadline. Ultimately, it hit me that this type of thinking was just not who I am.

Through the experience, I learned a few very valuable lessons.

  • Worry is very closely related to fear – both are dangerous and can bury you alive (in your head) if you allow them to. Moreover, these things create a solid barrier from moving forward.
  • How you feel will ultimately attract others that feel the same way. Misery loves company. On the other hand, positive vibes will attract positive and like minded individuals.
  • The easiest way to remove all the negativity is to simply remove it from your life. In my case, the act of going away for the sole purpose to relax was enough for me to release my worries and recharge my batteries. I know this is not possible for everyone though. But, perhaps there are other ways you can release negativity that will work for you, like jogging or meditation.
  • There is a huge difference between that voice in your head and your gut feeling – one you can hear, and the other you feel. Do you know which one to listen to?
  • Never go to bed angry, sad or depressed. Your mind will have nothing else to do but churn these feelings into realities. I like to go to sleep thinking about all that I want in my life in positive affirmations, using “I am” and action words.
  • Life is not meant to be planned out, you just go with it and see what sticks. 🙂

In the end, I don’t know what’s next or where life will lead. All I know is that I am open and ready for whatever it is and am no longer fussed or worried about it. I believe things will work out for the best because they always do.

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