Ideas are FREE, Execution is NOT

Since 2006, I’ve had ideas by the bucket load mostly around fashion and technology. I even tried a few ideas, but I always felt that I lacked technical expertise, or just didn’t feel that my ideas were strong enough. In the end, it never happened past asking a few friends for their opinions. Over the years, I have seen ALL of my ideas form into businesses in some shape or form. Yep, my silly idea of taking your wardrobe and putting it online exists in multiple formats today. The worst of it was probably sitting in India in 2008 right before the e-commerce boom and opting out of putting our custom suit business online. But alas, its the past and I can’t be sorry for things that weren’t done or didn’t happen because of a million excuses and situations.

The only thing I can do is realize that I can’t keep living in fear of “what if it doesn’t work”?  Perhaps I should take my own advice.

So what if it doesn’t work is the real question. An idea is nothing without the brain power (team) to execute it. Besides, the initial idea always evolves, iterates and becomes something completely different after only a few months of starting.

It doesn’t matter what the idea is and how much competition is out there. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter if the idea completely flops. The act of executing the idea, by actually putting yourself out there and throwing something into the world is the ultimate test for you to prove that you can do it. Otherwise, you can go on thinking up brilliant ideas and then feel bad when others actually execute them.

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