Flow or Fight

Its funny when you start looking for signs or coincidences, and think things were meant to be. Eventually you realize that the patterns you were looking for are not patterns at all. Its just nothing. It can’t be explained. Perhaps believing in these “signs” are ways to create hope and excitement that perhaps the next turn will bring the road to happiness.

Perhaps, life is just meant to be followed like a river, you flow like water and don’t force or fight the current.

You may meet people or go to new places and as a result your opinions, experience and mind are altered. Yet this is all a part of the singular river that you flow through. Regardless of what happens, you can’t go backwards or stop to catch your breath, you just keep flowing on to wherever.

Often times, people spend too much time fighting the current, or hope to form a new river, but where does that leave you but just exhausted and frustrated. Your mind is occupied with negativity and worry. It takes over your existence.

Once you stop fighting and flow, suddenly the river flows a bit slower and smoother. At times, you find yourself in control of the flow and direction. But, that is the scariest part, because now the choice is yours. Which way do you flow, where do you go next? Can you change your fate when you understand the flow of  your river?

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