Exercise for the Quarter Life Crisis

I’ve been thinking lately, how does one decide their career path? Is it something you fall into or is it a conscious choice of following your passion? Perhaps, its just a function of pressure and the need for money to pay off debt. But, what if, after a few years of working or switching jobs often, you begin to question your passion or in fact, even what you’re actually good at. This is natural, a lot of people go through this, even successful people who are considering new opportunities.

When considering a new direction, whether it be career wise or even a new business opportunity, the best thing to do is figure out what you’re uniquely good at (what comes natural to you, that may be difficult for others) and of course it helps that what you’re good at is what you ultimately love doing. At this intersection is where you should be and perhaps entwine it with a subject matter that you’re passionate about.

An exercise you can try is write down a list of things you’re good at on one side and things you like on the other. You may need help from peers because often times we don’t give ourselves enough credit and miss important things we are good at or may seem silly.

I tried this exercise after helping a friend who ended up getting the exact result he was aiming for, and so did I, perhaps we were both biased.

It’s best to have a fresh pair of eyes take a look at the list for you, preferably someone who won’t have a bias on your career path. That person may have some insight that you never even considered.

I would be happy to review your list and offer suggestions, just leave a comment and I will be in touch!




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