JasCity: Foodie Edition

I realize that I am the type of person who would rather soak in the moment thoughtfully rather than share or take pictures. I like being mysterious and keeping myself out of the spotlight. I have to always make a conscious effort to take pictures. This, coming from a social media person I know is odd, since frequent, and consistent content generation is how you build a following and a brand. Oh well, better to know that I am more of a strategic thinker than a content machine..

Having said all that, I read some post on how to take food pictures and I thought I would share some of my favourite places in Bandra, Mumbai.

Suzette – crepes, French style. Its a tiny place, yet its worth the squeeze, the food is simply amazing! Below, is a crepe filled with Belgian chocolate, banana and coconut with a cappuccino.

The Yoga House – healthy vegetarian food like quinoa, hummus and tofu. It is an airy, yet cozy place tucked in beside a large church and the ocean. Below is a quinoa burger with homemade hummus and a virgin mohito.

So far, the food in India has been exceptional everywhere I’ve gone, except of course that unfortunate incident at the Bangalore Country Club….why oh why did I eat that random side of salad? Lesson learned: don’t eat salad in India, in fact, anything that isn’t cooked is off limits.


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