A Place to call my Own

After almost 2 weeks in India, I have finally settled into a modest room in South Delhi.

This is my first day completely on my own – no fancy hotel, no driver, no local friend to get me food or follow around like a lost puppy. Needless to say, I stayed in my room for most of the day – unpacking, catching up with friends and work, while watching American TV for a bit of comfort.

Food seemed to be an immediate concern, as the place I am staying at doesn’t include meals. So I had to venture out and find groceries. I made a sad attempt at first: white bread and room temperature soya milk. Yes, I am officially back on carbs because otherwise I have no idea what I could possibly eat, plus you lose weight by just breathing here. The soya milk which stated it needed to be refrigerated and consumed in 3 days is a bit scary so not sure if I will even drink it. In my second attempt, I went with my landlord who probably took pity on my sweaty face. He took me around the entire market and introduced me to all the shop keepers who looked at me wearily. I don’t blame them. Atleast, now I now where to get everything I need to live.

My motto while in India has been: take it one day at a time – its not forever, but its for awhile. So my lunch of a peanut butter sandwich and a mango was impressive.

Here are some highlights from the week:

Because the Coffee Cafe Day (popular coffee chain) guy didn’t have change for 500 rupees, I ended up getting myself a card (like a Starbucks card). But you can’t get a card without having a local phone number, since you need to activate it and I suppose register yourself as a frequent coffee drinker in some far away handwritten database. I wouldn’t put it passed them. I spent a few days in my friend’s graphic design office, notice the funky prints. 

Furthermore, their company is moving to a bigger office, and this was what overlooked the floor to ceiling space. Meanwhile, the upstairs terrace is planned to be turned into a coffee cafe, which I desperately want to be a part of.

Later that week, I had a few meetings around town. I had amazingly good gingerale at the Grand hotel which was worthy of a click.

Lastly, I arrived here, with funky keys and all. I am enjoying some downtime, as I have a lot to think about work wise. Also, traveling next week, so I will write again from a different city soon!

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