India: I have arrived!

..I know I didn’t write Part II of “How to Prepare to Travel to India” but that’s because those details have not been figured out yet….eep.

My flight had two airplane switches – one in Heathrow-London and one in Munich.

I wanted to get a picture of an advertisement from Heathrow that said – “In 2012, London is Great” a play on the whole end of the world plus the Olympics Games, something about it I liked. (If you see that ad, send it to me).

I enjoyed my brief time at the Munich airport, it was interesting. Although, trying to get dinner there was a hassle. Lesson: always carry US cash in small bills.

I arrived in Delhi at 6:30am to find a driver waiting for me… fine my name is spelled wrong..but how important am I or maybe I just have friends in high places.. 🙂 (Yep, I asked the driver if I could keep it – nerd status).

I’m staying with a friend for a few days in a really swanky hotel that is super pimp. I was so excited when I got here, that I used the gym, and the outdoor pool. Yep, it was already about 30 degrees at 9am this morning….phew! This is the view from the room. There is a consistent humming and blaring of cars and horns all day. Earplugs #FTW

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