How People Suck the Soul out of Social Media

I came across a competitor’s blog and was amused to see that not one post but all posts had exactly 159 likes. What’s up with that?

A week doesn’t go by, when I am not bombarded with sales pitches from these companies that try to sell me social media in little cookie cutter packages. I felt sorry for the company that sent me their rate card (below), particularly because it came off as desperate and the accompanying email looked like they were selling me Viagra.

It makes me sad because not only does it make social media seem like some quick fix or bandwagon jump, it also gives people who know what they’re doing a bad reputation. This my friends, is not social media.

Everyone has their own definitions, the truth is, its still a fairly new industry and not fully understood. Perhaps, in the end, it will just be a fad. No one in my family knows what I do and there is nothing I can say or do that will make them understand. Eek.

My own definition of social media is its all about relationships (online and offline). You need to fully understand your target market by pretty much..stalking them. What do they do/like/eat/sleep/wear? Of course it helps when your social media person/team is in the target market and loves what they do; its easier for them to communicate and interact.

It really has nothing to do with direct selling or pushing your brand on people. It’s all about being that neutral voice that is friendly, happy and helpful. It’s like that kid in high school that wasn’t too popular but wasn’t a loser either. Through this approach, you will be likeable and accepted. Sure, people may not buy from you right away, but like anything, things take time and trust needs to be built. This is a long term social media strategy.

You can of course, buy likes, followers and blog posts etc. But, its not something I condone or recommend. As a consumer/user/business, be smart and aware of all of this, look for clues like rounded numbers. In the end, its the quality of the content, ingenuity and fuzzy feelings from the heart that make things worthwhile.





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