How Pinterest Changed my Life [Part 1]

I initially found vision “boarding” difficult as it was tough to find things in magazines or on the net to showcase specific things like future home and travel destinations. However, “visioning” in theory doesn’t necessarily require anything but a vivid imagination. As long as you can imagine things that you want in your life, and focus on that, it works in the same way.

When I started a Pinterest account, my vision boarding could finally come to fruition. Suddenly, I could find a muscular and fit woman with black hair and light brown skin to idolize or a silver couch with aqua chandelier for my future funky home.

While I built boards on my Pinterest, I created my static board to shortlist exactly what I wanted in my life in the short term and also long term that I could look at everyday. I changed it around often until it felt right. But, as I started building my vision board and changing it around, things in my life started changing as well. It was subtle but most of things on my board started happening. Only most, as I assume that certain things need to happen first before other can (sub-consciously I grouped my short term and long term goals together from left to right, so far the left side and some of the middle are all happening). Your vision board must match what you’re thinking inside. You can’t put up a picture of something and not believe you will receive it.

Although it may not seem like it, a vision board is very powerful. Think carefully about what you’re putting on it. It should be a clear picture of what you want. Words work really well too. Don’t be vague about it. 

The universe will begin to shift and bend over backwards to make things happen for you.

In 5 months, more than half my board has come true. I will share all of this with you in another blog post. Stay tuned..

In the meantime, you can create your own vision board by doing the following:

  1. Buy a corkboard from Home Sense or Winners, and a box of pins.
  2. Get a pinterest account as its the easiest way to search for really awesome pictures.
  3. Print pictures (colour printing is best) on card paper.
  4. Pin your pictures in groups. You can try the feng shui way if you’re super hardcore.
  5. Look at your board in the morning and at night; think about it and believe those things will happen.
  6. Change it often until it feels right.

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