Dystopian Sequels and How I closed Blockbuster

I remember my bro used to rent 2 to 3 DVD’s a week. I would probably rent one on my own as well. This increased as we got older and moved downtown where we didn’t bother getting cable. So let’s see, $5 a pop per movie? Between my bro, sister-in-law and I, that’s about $20 to $30 a week. I am sure, we were not the only ones who racked up not only renting fees but also late fees. As soon as we got cable and started watching movies through that, Blockbusters all around us started closing down.

As I sit now and await the arrival of my new kindle, I think about my beloved Chapters… I definitely keep them in business due to my obsession with reading. Yet, I decided that it was time I went electronic, its easier to travel with and I no longer have to move with boxes of books with me. As a last “hurrah” I thought I would list a few books I just finished reading:

I picked this book up at the airport on my way back from Boston as I was desperate for something to read. It was slow at first but picked up at the end and there’s a Book 2 that comes out July 10th. It’s an adult version of Twilight but with a little more depth. I would give it 7/10.

On my recent dystopian teen kick, I picked up this book which was about a world where there was a cure for “love”. I thought it would be ironic to read this as my business is love. I would give this book 7.5/10. Oh, and there’s a sequel: Pandemonium.

If you loved Hunger Games, then the next best thing to read is Divergent and Insurgent. It has the same type of violence and characters, the ending was anti-climactic though. I would give these books 8.5/10.

PS. My friend started this site for random reviews on things: http://www.firstdaylastshow.com/

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