The Economics of Influence and an Ode to Graph Paper

Influence does not equal celebrity status, but in some cases your influence may get you opportunities that you otherwise wouldn’t get as an “average” person. Some of those opportunities may be more than just a free shaver because of your klout score. You may actually be able to turn your influence into a business. That is where this chart comes in.

I actively advise those that are using their influence for business. However, I always end up pulling out this chart as a reference. The main takeaway here is: do not accept every gig that comes your way. 

Sure its exciting and awesome but, you don’t want to be THAT person that does everything and anything. Ensure that you are choosing gigs based on your personal brand and what you stand for.

Compensation also plays a huge role, yet that is a whole separate discussion..

Also, I love graph paper.

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