It’s My Day Too – Part XIV: 2 Years of Dating

I know I haven’t written in awhile but the year of being a fiance (or the time between boyfriend and husband) can be quite hectic! There are alot of new experiences and things to decide.

Having said that, you can’t forget about why you’re together. Always celebrate your dating anniversary – it helps bring back the spark and adventure into the daily life of the two of you.

My dating anniversary was last weekend. The planning process required me to select a few restaurants that the “boss” would like. Here is a tip: make a few reservations at 7pm, 7:45pm and potentially 8:45pm at different places because you never know things happen that are less than ideal.

My first pick was taking the lady to Rosewater Supper club. Having entered, I noticed a few gentlemen in black suits, white collared shirts and colourful tie – this is code for a wedding reception. I immediately felt under dressed as I had decided to wear beige linen pants, a light blue long sleeved collar shirts with beige loafers.

As I walked through the doors, my senses went into overdrive as I was blasted with bhangra and loud conversations, and blinded by bright colours. There was a wedding reception going on and no one thought to inform me when I made the reservation, even when they further called to confirm 2 days prior!

I was looking forward to nice romantic evening and this was not happening here. I was so shocked at this pandeomonium, I followed the hostess to an apparent quieter part of the restaurant. After 2 minutes of adjustment, I realized that this was a tad ridiculous. Thankfully I had a back up plan – North 44 which proved to be amazing.

By the way, when North 44 called to confirm, they also asked if it was a special occasion. For dessert, we recieved a chocolate plate – how thoughtful.

Here is the math:

Rosewater Supper Club – $20 to get there in a cab, $20 to get to North 44, ($20 to go to a planned comedy show back in that area) = $60. Rosewater and I played phone tag for a bit as they did want to offer me a $50 gift card. However, why would I ever go back there, who knows there might be a birthday party there next time. If you’re listening Rosewater, just send me a cheque or email transfer for $60.

North 44 – priceless.

One thought on “It’s My Day Too – Part XIV: 2 Years of Dating

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