Guide to Men’s Accessories – Part V: Jessie’s Watch

Now you may be wondering, what watch does Jessie wear? He was recently gifted a Tag Heuer – Link Automatic Watch. Tag Heuer is a well known brand for watches – most known for its association with motor sports. Its fairly masculine in girth and complication.

He’s worn it for a few weeks now. It is very noticable as it peaks out under his suit jacket and blinds unsuspecting passerbyers. He has also confessed that the “scratch resistent” sapphire crystal glass appears to have a scratch. The black dial pad has a nice way of turning blue in certain light which gives the watch a bit of magic. I’ve also been asked the time so that he could adjust the time which works on automatic movement, but then why was it ahead?

In any case, the bottom line is that a watch will instantly professionalize your look and take you to another level of status (perhaps high roller). If nothing else, invest in a watch!

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