Guide to Men’s Accessories – Part III: The Watch Defined

The modern watch appears to be the most distinguishing peice of the male armour. Yet, before we jump into finding the perfect watch for you, I want to start with defining parts of a watch which can get quite complicated. Let’s stick to the basics though.


This is a very fancy word for stop watch capability. If you ever need to keep time then this is a good feature to have. The extra side knob makes it look high tech.

Mechanical Watch

The most expensive watches are called mechanical because there is an intricate system of gears and springs utilized to make the watch work. Rewinding is manual or occurs automatically via an endless screw called a barrel. The automatic movement of the rewinding occurs through swinging/moving your arm. When the person is inactive, the watch may stop and require rewinding. Although expensive, a mechanical watch can be inaccurate.

Quartz Watch

A watch that is run by a battery via sending electric currents to a to a small quartz crystal. This watch is less expensive compared to a mechanical watch and also alot more accurate.

There are quite alot of other features on a watch – its kind of like rocket science in a way. However, these days its really all about style and looking good more than the mechanics of it. Next week, I will breakdown the best watch that fits your lifestyle.

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