Guide to Wedding Suits – Part XII: Common Groom Pitfalls

So we are nearing the end of the wedding suit guide, and before I exhaust the subject, here is my official list of “don’ts” all grooms should know. I admit some points are strict, but there are only 8 points that I can’t tolerate, so its not too bad.

  • Do not mix rented AND bought OR custom garments together. The rented items will make the bought/custom items appear shabby. An example of this is renting a bright fuchsia vest with a wool Super 130 suit. As a result of the combination, the suit will look shabby as well.
  • Do not try new things like a bow tie or white jacket if you have never done this before. Your wedding is not a good time to start experimenting with your style. Unless, you are extremely comfortable with yourself.
  • Do not match perfectly with your groomsmen, in fact try not to match at all. Yes, there is a colour palette and theme but the groom suit should be the best and a different colour or shade than anyone else.
  • Shoes are extremely important and comfort is not really the main goal. Do not wear shabby shoes that will potentially match a shabby fuchsia vest. Step it up, literally with proper leather lace-ups.
  • Do not overdo the accessories, tie, pocket square OR boutonniere and cuff links is enough. These should all match eachother and the colour pallette.
  • Do not wear a funky coloured shirt, stick to crisp white shirt with a french cuff (optional).
  • Do not take off your jacket until much later in the reception (only when the cameras are turned off and people are hoisting you on their shoulders).
  • Do not put anything in your trouser or jacket pockets – as this will ruffle the suit and not look pristine for pictures – give all of your man items to your bestman (that’s what he’s there for)

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