It’s my day too – Part VII: Flowers & Colours

Every Monday – Jessie will be taking over the blog to discuss his personal wedding planning struggles and successes from a male prospective.

I never knew I would care so much about our floral arrangements! I guess being in the custom suit business has made me aware of the finer things in life. Our whole philosophy is affordable luxury after all.
Thank goodness for holidays, (most Indian vendors don’t celebrate any holidays) the soon-to-be boss works 9-5  and our schedules are always conflicting. On good Friday, we got to fit in two floral appointments; it was a lot of flowers for one day but none the less it had to be done. The first appointment was quite disappointing. Not because what we decided on and wanted was too expensive, but because I felt like I was being completely ignored by the male florist. There was an A and B conversation between the male florist and my fiance with a complete lack of acknowledgement to myself. Perhaps he felt I was not interested or that my opinion didn’t matter? It is a stereotype that has gone on too long – grooms are interested in weddings and are involved in mostly all the decisions!
Our second appointment was better. The female florist made the appropriate eye contact and was very attentive. I didn’t feel like I was just along for the ride. A whole new prospective of ideas was also presented which fit into our modern tastes.

 We haven’t settled on anything concrete yet, but since our wedding is in the fall, the colours we have chosen are brown, red and orange tones. This is important as it will have to be considered when I am accessorizing my outfit as well as my groomsmen. Accessories such as ties, socks, belts, cufflinks, pockets squares and boutonnieres will have to be properly coordinated to match the brown tones.

It is always important to feel comfortable with who you’re buying products and services from for your wedding. The salesperson should be able to give you a variety of options and ideas as to how to proceed. This is something we do all the time as most couples want to hear an expert opinion. If the company that you’re dealing with can’t give you options, sound advice and of course can’t look you in the eye, its time to find someone else.

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