Guide to Wedding Suits: Part XI – the Morning Coat

Not a coat to be worn at night is the obvious distinction. It is also quite long (like a coat) with 2 tails at the back; the front cuts away from the body, it is also known as a “cut-away” coat.

It’s definitely on my wish list of items to buy – the fitted women’s version of course, and I can wear it anytime. Unlike for men, the morning coat is worn for morning events like weddings ceremonies by the groom or close male family members of the groom. It’s a special occasion jacket that is more or less rented or forgotten about in a dusty closet. Sadly, its overall airtime is limited.

Last week I described male formal dress code – black tie or white tie – the morning coat would work as a substitute for a tuxedo jacket. The groom usually wears a black morning coat while other male family members wear grey.

But alas, who really follows rules anymore? I would like to make an exception for the sad and lonely morning coat. Wouldn’t it be nice if men could wear it anytime and anywhere? It’s definitely a peice that has geniune history and character; please make an exception here oh sartorial gods…


Brooks Brothers – Fall 2007




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