It’s my day too: Part V – Photographer

Every Monday – Jessie will be taking over the blog to discuss his personal wedding planning struggles and successes from a male prospective.

I was more prepared in choosing a photographer, as I had worked with a few in the past. However, I wasn’t prepared to pay the prices that photographers charge to do weddings. After a long winded search, and a few suggestions from my fool of a took brother who suggested I put an ad in craigslist; I realized that photography is an art, requires a good eye and lots of talent. The talent is what you truly pay for. Talent to take pictures, that will become remarkable art peices of memories for the bride and groom. You can compare this to a cheap suit (polyester and ill-fitting) and a luxury Savillian suit (handcrafted, Italian wool, and fits well). The photographer we chose is Andrew Adams We chose Andrew because he understood the uniqueness of many cultures, and his visual forsight to catch natural images.

Throughout the process of picking a photographer, it made me realize that not only would I need a wedding suit, but I would need an engagement suit and possibly a blazer and collared shirt for my engagement photos!! This further caused me to panic and got me thinking about how my family (brother and father) and in-laws would be dressed. To cause further confusion, I got to thinking about my reception/party suit. I will elaborate next week.

The trick to wedding planning is to take it one day at a time otherwise much stress and panic will ensue.

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