Guide to Wedding Suits: Part IX: The White Jacket Mystery

Let me take this opportunity to clarify the apparent mystery behind the white jacket. It is a rarely worn entity due to the limited nature of its appropriate-ness. Like many things in menswear, the white jacket is buried in sartorial rules, so much so that it is confusing and perhaps best to avoid it completely!







Quick facts:

  • Only for summer (May long weekend to Sepember long weekend)
  • Only for night events (after 6pm)
  • Only worn with black trousers
  • Best worn with black or white bowtie or tie
  • It is not pure white, usually off-white wool

Having said all that, it is an exception to the even stricter rules of the traditional dinner suit and morning suit. (I may discuss later).

The white jacket traditionally is a single breasted, 1 button, shawl lapel, and worn with a plain white shirt, and bow tie. However, these days most rules are thrown out the window. Most people just want to look (or atleast feel) like James Bond, and a white dinner jacket will surely achieve that task.



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