It’s my day too – Part III: Proposal Outfit

Every Monday – Jessie will be taking over the blog to discuss his personal wedding planning struggles and successes from a male prospective.

The proposal outfit should be carefully considered. This could be your first outfit as a fiance.

For my proposal I wore dark denim jeans, black Hugo Boss Chelsea boots coupled with a black belt, blue checkered collared shirt with a navy blue vest. It is a special day and will be one of the single most memorable events in your significant other and your life; so please don’t be proposing in your underwear like those cheesy chick flicks. Do it right with classic romance. I proposed a few days before New Years in Sydney, Australia on the banks of the Sydney Harbour in a place called Lady Macquarie’s chair.

There is no need to over do it with tricks and fireworks, best to keep it simple. Dark jeans or khakis with a crisp collar is the best option. There will be plenty of time for formality at the wedding.

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