Women Wednesday: Flared vs. Wide Leg Trousers

Recently, it has been brought to my attention that my female clientele prefer the flared trouser over straight or wide. The main argument has been that due to the extra width at the bottom, the hips become proportionate. After speaking with an image consultant – Tamara Glick, she affirmed this belief but added that it depended on the curvature of the lady. Very curvy would require some sort of chunky or proportionate distraction at the bottom of the pant.

I, however, stand by my belief that a flared pant has no business within a professional environment. Even if you are a creative professional – at this current time – a flared pant is utterly out of style.

Thankfully, unlike a skinny or straight pant – a wide leg is great for the majority of us who have  hips that don’t lie. The pant will fit your hips that go straight to the floor – no hugs, snugs or bulges about it. Furthermore, it is a classic peice that will never go out of style.

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