It’s my day too – Part II: Alterations

Every Monday – Jessie will be taking over the blog to discuss his personal wedding planning struggles and successes from a male prospective.

So you may be wondering what I got altered last week at Studio Kim. Here is my tally:

  • 10 custom pants
  • 10 custom shirts
  • 5 custom suit jackets

As I stood at the mirror, and allowed John to pin me up, I was relieved that the thousands of dollars that were spent on my custom wardrobe was able to be altered to fit my current “happy” new size. Then, shockingly John announced that 3 inches had to be let out of the waist and miraculously – the allowance was there… This would never happen in an off the rack suit as there is never any seam allowance available since they want you to buy another suit and want you to suffer from your happiness weight.

Surprisingly, my suit jackets were snug yet still buttoned at the middle so I just got them dry cleaned. Most of my weight was gained around my mid section from fine dining activities which mostly involved drinking. The affected wardrobe items were mainly pants and shirts.

Shirts appeared to be a different animal altogether. It appeared that my buttons required slight movement to counteract the protruding bulges. Furthermore, I discovered a secret to custom shirts that I will now implement into Savillian shirts:

  • The chest size should be a maximum 1 inch larger than measured, and then darts created at the upper back that will counteract the 1 inch. In this way, you will be able to easily take out the darts at the back and allow for an extra inch of happy comfort. It won’t be a perfect fit but it is a nice safe guard for future happiness that may ensue.

Total Cost: $300 Ability to keep happy fat: Priceless

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