Guide to Wedding Suits: Part VII – Accessorizing Part I

There is always much talk and confusion over accessorizing a suit so that the colours match the bride down to the pantone number. (Gag me with a spoon!)

A level of matching is acceptable but there is no need to match exactly as this task is close to impossible. Furthermore, there is a certain risk and creativity level that is required to match outside the realms of basic primary colours. Yet, how do you express yourself while remaining classic, and tasteful? By experimenting and try different combinations along with your wedding suit and shirt. Here are a few beginner combinations that may help:

For the Risk-Adverse Groom who is slightly “Emo” yet wants to be slightly funky

this combination will go well with a bride’s outfit that has silver accents

For the Groom who is okay with wearing pink

– this combination will go great with a bride’s silver/pink/white outfit

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