Women Wednesday: How to Wear Suspenders

I am not entirely sure where to find suspenders. I find that when fashion decides something is not in style for women, it is absolutely extinct from the world. That’s why vintage stores are so great. I was lucky enough to find my suspenders in a male relatives’ closet. Other than vintage or relatives, any classic men’s store may have them hidden away in the back room.

How to wear Suspenders:

  1. The ideal and classic way to wear suspenders is with button holes, yet this would require investing in a pair of suspender-able pants which may not be practical for a work wardrobe. The next best thing is clip-ons and although this can look slightly tacky, I will forgive the lack of sartorial edge since well, I am not wearing it myself.
  2. The whole point of wearing suspenders is a replacement for a belt; a way to keep you pants up. In this case, wear the suspenders with a loose and wide leg pair of classic wool trousers.
  3. As for the top, wear a tight fitting collared shirt to show the femininity of the outfit. Here I have on a tuxedo inspired shirt, but any shirt will work.
  4. Finally, spice it up with pearls, large earrings, stilettos, or bright lipstick for an androgenised look.

One thought on “Women Wednesday: How to Wear Suspenders

  1. Indeed, suspenders look best when worn with a simple classic outfit. A cute pair of clip-on suspenders in the office looks perfect. Suspenders are stylish and underline the femininity. And they also hold loose classic trousers more comfortably than a belt. Suspenders are ideal for a woman´s professional outfit and I love wearing them.

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