Wedding Guide to Suits: Part III – Rent vs. Buy vs. Custom

Obviously, I am heavily biased but I am bold enough to touch this subject and readily compare myself to the options available for a groom and his wedding party. Before I begin my rundown, I must share my annoyance about the whole topic. There seems to be this notion that grooms should not look as good as their brides; that no one cares or looks at them. This has been perpetuated through the likes of Moore’s commercials and the general stereotype that guys generally don’t care. Perhaps this is how it was in the past, but now men are stepping it up in their grooming and overall style. This is the new reality.

For any wedding choice, it all comes down to key attributes that you as a couple (or family) value the most. I will run down which attributes match which choice.

Renting – Paying for the wedding yourself, but care about minor details

It’s cheap and that’s really the main point. I wouldn’t expect the suit to fit amazing like a Moore’s commercial will have you believe. But, for $120 bucks for the whole deal what can you really expect? There are quite a few places that provide this rental service with matching everything head to toe – so everyone can look the same (and potentially smell the same). I would recommend getting a newer style (latest collection) as this will be less worn and so there will be less of a sheen or worn quality to it. Furthermore, I would stay away from bright aqua or any neon colours for matching in pocket squares or ties – this will make it look tacky. Try to be creative with the matching through using patterns and high and low lights of colour.

Buying – Parent’s helping with the wedding, groom is a little dazed and confused

This option is more expensive than renting and is usually attempted only if additional family are helping pay for the wedding. This is also attempted by grooms who wait till the last minute and find themselves at a mall searching for anything since the rental places are sold out. If you are willing to buy a suit, then do yourself a favour and spend atleast $500. Anything less than this is quite frankly not appropriate for your wedding day. I would suggest going to a high end store like Harry Rosen so you find something with quality wool. Do not get caught up with brand names – look for fit in the shoulder and comfort above all factors. Ensure to budget for alterations that most likely will be needed in the waist, sleeves, trouser waist and trouser length, this could be up to $100.

Custom – Your parent’s are paying for most of the wedding and you want something amazing for your special day

This is the most expensive option, but it all depends on the type of fabric you choose. The price can range from $800 to $1400. This is the only option where you can literally design the suit of your dreams and why not wear it on your wedding day? In the end, you are left with a suit that can be worn for life to formal occasions and made different just with the switch of accessories. Having a suit fit you perfectly with additional personal details (cuff, lapel, lining, etc) will not only make you stand out but also make you worthy of standing beside your beautiful bride.

Lastly, I must leave you with my personal pet peeve: do not wear a rental vest with a bought or custom suit – it makes everything look shabby.

Note: Savillian prices range from $800 to $1400. Full bespoke starts at $3000.

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