Beginner’s Guide to Suits – Insert

I forgot something of importance in regards to the beginner’s guide to suits, and now I am adding it as an insert.

Starting with the Basics: Suit Colours

When it comes to suits, you need to start off with the basics – this does not include beige, white or multi-coloured solid pinestripes.

The basics for men are 1. Grey/Charcoal 2. Navy Blue 3. Black with a subtle pinestripe. The basics for women are 1. Black 2. Grey/Charcoal 3. Navy Blue.

You may be asking why a man’s and woman’s first choice of suit colour are different. For a man, a black suit is much too formal and should only be worn at a funeral or extremely formal and rare occasions – it is not a necessity for everyday. For women, a black suit exudes power while remaining feminine a la YSL.

Check out the Savillian Classic Collection for the basics. (Also added as a link on the right toolbar).

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