Wedding Guide to Suits: Nehru Part II

The grey wool Nehru suit from last week sits idly awaiting the chance to be worn. Since it sits beside me every day, I felt compelled to write a second part to Nehru suits as it is hard to find current information and pictures on this unique looking suit. Although, Zegna, Canali and Calvin Klein have all dabbled in this suit style, it still appears to be geared towards the Eastern world – these pictures were taken from an Indian magazine.

Last week’s suit was elegantly simple, yet there are options to spice it up such as wearing a clasp at the collar as a decorative accent. With a clasp style mandarin collar, it can be worn casually open with a collared shirt as shown below – just ensure that the collar is small and doesn’t empower the Nehru one. Furthermore the buttons can also play a role in creating accents for the suit. Since there are so many used on this jacket, it may make sense to try a silver, gold or fabric covered button. The overall fabric also plays a role in creating a formal or casual look (like any suit). A wool fabric mixed with silk, will create a sheen that catches the light.

One thought on “Wedding Guide to Suits: Nehru Part II

  1. I like the suit in the top picture, the black suit with the white shirt combo. Please lemme know where I may be able to find it.

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