Life at TFI: Ontario Pavilion Vests for the Olympics

All of sudden, I find myself leading a group of 4 talented up and coming designers: Andy Hall, Bora Birs, Manam and Paris Li. We have 3 weeks to pull together a uniquely made garment, complete with samples and production/manufacturing of 20+ outerwear vests for the Ontario Pavilion at the Olympics. So far, the government has selected fabric and the design. Now, its a matter of creating the sample and then sewing, sewing and more sewing!! Its not as easy as it may seem – this is my first official foray into being involved in the trenches of producing a garment from scratch. Although, I am not involved in the production, I do get to observe, ask silly questions and help with “cutting”. Thankfully, there is alot of other non-producing things to do such as liasing with the government, sourcing fabric, handling costs and profit, marketing/PR of this project and of course leading the team towards success! I will post pictures as we get closer to a product and tweet as I go.

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