Wedding Guide to Suits: Part I

Nehru or Oriental Style Suit (Jackets)

Nehru style jackets is of Indian origin (1940’s) and grew to some popularity in the 60-70’s in the Western world largely due to the Beatles. Now, we see it arise in the occasional Austin Powers movie.  

Nonetheless, this suit is formal in appearance and may appeal to a groom looking for a simple, yet elegant look. There are a few style options to consider as this suit can be dressed up with a clasped collar and/or fabric buttons (like a tuxedo). I would recommend wearing a simple black or white non-collared shirt underneath to emphasize the straight mandarin collar, rather than wearing a mandarin collar which may make you look like a priest.   (Click on pictures to make bigger).

Nehru Suit - Grey Wool

Nehru Suit - Grey Wool

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