my maybelline mystery

So to my surprise I was chosen to be a part of the word of mouth campaign by Maybelline, and why not – I know I’m born with it..or maybe its…:-)

So a mystery brown box arrived last week which was extrodinarily light. It wasn’t addressed to me persay but to my imaginary twin “Jan”.  I tore open the box with my bare hands to reveal gold wrapping paper filled with pulse perfection mascara that were individually placed in a mesh black baggie. I was impressed with the consistent branding and the presentation.

maybelline 001

I knew these babies would only go to the most worthy makeup driven friends who would appreciate the novelty.

First: Tania, she is my graphic designer with a lot of sass. She reminds me of a superhero with her firey red curly hair and athletic build. I am awaiting her first impressions and will report back.

I did not try it on right away, I wanted to wait for a special occasion as it seemed too fancy to try on in the middle of the afternoon.

Fast foward to Saturday – it still seemed too fancy to try on for an afternoon bbq but the prospect of it made me giggle.

My eyelashes are already quite long and black, but that doesn’t exclude me from the thrill of putting on mascara. I again tore open the package to find the black and gold sexy looking tube. I thought there would be some sort of battery attachment or weird way to hold it, but all you had to do was press a button and it started vibrating. I applied it and it was glided on quite smoothly, but I forgot to properly seperate the lashes right afterwards because in my excitement I went to show my mom. By the time, I got back to the mirror, my lashes were dry and there were some clumps, so I had to brush them out and even out the liquid with a small makeup brush. I think this will take practice.

In my next post, I will get a makeup artist to try the mascara and get her opinion.

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