a pinky finger grip on PR

After scouring the net for the definition of a press release and even sending a “pitch” to a local newspaper, I can confidentally say that I have skimmed the top layer of a complex industry. Later, after coming to my senses – I invested in a book called “How to Set up and Run a Fashion Label”. A dozen or so hot pink post-its later, I did not regret my purchase. Here are a few tips for start-up companies and the DIY portion of PR:

1. Study your competitors like a hawk. What types of press have they recieved and in what types of publications?

2. Make a list of media that your competitors have been in and all of the associated editors and writers that take care of that section.

3. Make a “press pack” that shows: logo, overview & history of your company, pictures of your product, and your contact information. This can be included with your press release when sending it to media outlets.

4. I personally believe that meeting key media face to face and introducing yourself is the best way to get on their radar. Blind emails and phone calls may appear pesky and end up in the trash. However, depending on the publication, the press release may be relevant and can get you in the door.

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