mindset meltdown

Some things to consider when attempting a self-directed life:

To do lists, visions, goals, objectives are very nice words. Lists can be completed, and goals can be reached. The challenge lies in looking beyond and figuring out what it is that needs to be achieved in the long term. This is the ultimate challenge since you must look at today’s activities as it will directly affect what may happen a year from now. Then, what about sales and day to day stuff?

Focus is the ultimate skill that must be learned, since doors and windows are usually wide open and its easy to throw a few limbs into all of them. Sounds difficult, but strangely fun?

A schedule for purposes of remaining sane should be constructed since life doesn’t wait nor does it stop for anything. A consistent space for work that allows focus may be slightly important. Additionally, a happy space that has light and pieces of inspiration is potentially a good workplace.

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