a week of first

I am thinking that its time I start to be more regimented with my blog, as an attempt to become more disciplined. After thinking about it, my first series post will be on the events of my week – similar to finalfashion who is kind of my inspiration!

Last weekend was spent thinking about my new found life. It is funny how my life is essentially repeating itself – I was in this exact same position about a year and a half ago. I am back to driving my old van (aka: elephant) with no office, no job and this time no personal laptop. Ah but I’m a happy drunk.

Sunday was spent shivering in Queen West. I contemplated the heavy scrubbing with buckets of bleach that would be required on the walls. Can you guess which house I am referring to?










The week continued with some contemplation in my flood-free basement (aka: home office). However, the furniture is still detained elsewhere for now. It was nice to recieve a fashion related phone call as I sat on the floor organizing files. I met up with the owner of Falcon Clothing & BambooWear as I am currently assisting him with this new bamboo line while he helps me with some business advice. A potential fashion shoot will be coming up very soon with my very own custom yoga suit!










I also managed to attend the OCE Discovery 09 Conference/Expo at the MTCC. It was a future of technology type gathering with tons of interesting things to see including a digital desktop, virtual race car driving, and tons of familliar faces. I failed to take any pictures at this event but should have taken atleast one of the lunch that was served on a literal silver platter.

That’s that! How was your week?

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