fashion gone mobile

So what exactly was my motivation to go to a non-fashion event? Well, let’s just say I’d like to keep my finger on the pulse, my ear to the ground or any other such metaphor. The mobile technology space is huge right now, what with 4 billion mobile devices in the world right now, how can anyone not jump on this bandwagon? It makes me want to run out to Chapters and by that book: Mobile Internet for Dummies!

One thing the speaker said that resonated with me was the fact that any traditional business can get into the mobile space right now. What and how? Well, I am sure it requires some sort of technical genius mixed with some software developing skills, both of which I sorely lack.

“.mobi” seems to be the new hotness – as in having a mobile enabled website for your product/services and going as far as a mobile marketplace and storefront. Again, both concepts that appear hot yet a little out of my creative grasp.

Yet, what is more sexy than intertwining fashion and technology? Especially being able to rely on your phone for fashion advice contrived by your custom closet collection. It could advise you on what to wear for that particular day grouped in categories of dressy, casual or professional. A tad bit of a pipe dream as this would require the user to input their closet through phone camera pictures or through words: 3 pairs of black wide leg pants? Or would users be comfortable with taking an already designed closet based on user personality and preference? hmmmm.

Any software developers who are into fashion out there, I would love to discuss the ins and outs of this.

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