two weeks later

Time really flies by, of course when you’re having fun but most importantly when you own it. The thing that I wanted is now mine, but I am overwhelmed.

Time comes with a heavy price tag and the only way to wield it with a firm grip is through the consistent art of discipline. That which I lack so wholeheartedly after months of living under a cold spell of monotony.

When I think of discipline, I think about my grade 10 badminton coach. I also think of the competitive pressure of exams at Waterloo. Furthermore, I think about fellow entrepreneurs who have given up sleep to grow their companies. When asked how chickadvisor prioritizes her time, she responded with some sound advice. You should prioritize time in sequence of what will make money and customer needs. After all adminstrative tasks can be taken on by hiring employees.

One thing that I have learned about myself is I am driven by constant challenge and activity – basically a continual flux of troubleshooting and deadlines. When these elements are lacking, then I get incredibly lazy and unmotivated. It makes a lot of sense to me since this is how I treat my workouts, I have to be constantly in motion with no breaks so I have no time to think about how much it hurts.

But, downtime is always needed in order to get the ideas flowing so marketing and strategy is created. I am considering creating “fake” deadlines and irrational goals but how do I trick my mind into believing its real?

I guess when it comes down to it, you can’t fake desperation caused by a dwindling bank account. Perhaps that is what all entrepreneurs need in order to stay the course and actually grow a company.

There is no part-time entrepreneur, because you can’t expect to ride two horses at once, you will eventually fall off atleast one of them.

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