incubating myself

After two years of hankering away at Savillian, it definitely still feels like a start up. This is probably due to the numerous mistakes and unfortunate circumstances. With the loss of my office space and the sense of living in a constant circus arena, the thought of getting cheap office space with a few needed perks is quite refreshing.

My last visit to TFI was cold and expensive. This time, I felt the air had changed and things could be different. Their plan was to convert another adjacent “pod” into potentially 10 offices depending on demand and requests of space. The move in date is tentatively August or September of this year. We gravitated towards the 80 square feet private office which would allow us 24/7 access to consult with our clients in a nice downtown space. I was worried about the non-existent ceilings, however the satellite radio seemed to provide adequate white noise.

But, it was not that easy to just move in. TFI was an incubator after all, so now we have to go through an interview process showing plans, projections, resumes and references with the president.

Well, 2 years later and I feel like I am starting a company all over again.

The highlight of the evening was meeting David Dixon, the poster child of TFI and Canadian fashion as a whole (as far as I can tell in my humble opinion). He is a very down to earth guy and with a soft spoken demeanor. I toned down the raging fan in me and discussed how fashion people made fun of me for being from Mississauga and having a crazy dinosaur blackberry. He sympathized as his office location was in Mississauga and people made fun of him to! But he shrugged it off and this made me feel better since it proved that fashionable people could live/work in Mississauga to!

Overall, TFI appears to be a great place for me to be in order take my company to the next level. The mentors alone will provide guidance, advice and support that may be the hard push that I need right now. I will have to see how the interview goes next week before I can celebrate though. *fingers crossed*

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