sales over-kill

An 8 hour seminar of non-stop talk of sales; with hints of sponsor products mentioned here and there – is how I spent my Thursday.

It started off with Jeffrey Gitomer, who I previously heard speak 2 years back; and he delivered the same speech with the same pictures. I suppose you have to stick to what works. He angled his talk towards the economy and the fact that these days, you had to offer your customers something; as “free” was the new platform. He also mentioned an interesting notion of working for your customer for free for 1 day to fully understand their needs. I will definitely have to implement that..

The second speaker, Frances Cole Jones spoke on the importance of relaying your message while taking into account body language and tone of voice. Another repeat message, especially the percentages of retention! I’ve heard “people only retain 7% of your message through what you say” so many times that I usually tune out after anyone says it. This allowed me to focus on her body language, which for someone who specialized in it was kind of distracting. I could not follow what she said because she kept moving her hands around as she spoke! She did however, say that “you” was the most persuasive word in the english language. A few other words were: save, money, and love.

After lunch, there were 3 more speakers and the afternoon was a blur of sales buzz words and contradictions of other speakers. The last speaker seemed to be the most inspirational: Michael Porte. He basically revealed that all the sales terminology that was ever written or taught in school was all garbage. The only way to sell was to focus on inviting people to something (webinar, seminar, event) every week which is not for a sales pitch and have mad passionate love for your product! I really enjoyed this point, because it reassured me that it was okay to think differently about sales. I didn’t have to necessarily do what everyone told me I had to do for sales: cold calls, follow ups, cold networking, and use sales buzz words. I could put on events, build relationships and love my product and that would be enough.

One thought on “sales over-kill

  1. Yes, definitely love your product.
    The thing that sells for me, as a tech-head, is a person who knows the product beyond the sales pitch. The little details that person divulges about the product that tells me they know it personally, and are just as into it themselves.

    I think that’s why I’m so into Mac things. I can go into a store and have an unabashedly geeky conversation with a floor staff about the little intricacies and ways to take care of a product and coax out its subtleties, rather than just using it 😉

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