f-week and eco-f

I was unable to attend anything substantial for fashion week due to poor planning, a dwindling spirit and the inability to skip work due to some unexpected calls. I did however, pour over the toronto star, follow fashion tweeps every move, and read fashion blogs till I was blue in the face. What did I come up with? Well, fashion week did not read as well this time around due to financial insanities and the fact that our little fashion parade was still in its infancy.  Yes, it’s our 10th anniversary but wow, we still have a ways to go to ever compete with the big boys. There needs to be a greater structure in the great world of fashion in Toronto.

So what are the trends for Fall 09 according to the Toronto runways?


I realized that it didn’t matter, first because it was Spring and second because the industry looks to Milan/Paris for those things. Toronto was just a side show that exhibits some designers, atleast the ones who could afford to while others potentially amazing designers stayed in their studios.

I’m not bitter, I am just a newbie and am slowly understanding the intricacies of politics and attitudes. I still love it and am becoming borderline obsessive, what is there not to love? The sheer excitement of new designs, and naked men, what else do you need in life?

I did however act as a plus 1 to the eco-auction for Fashion Takes Action at the Drake where I saw a few fashion blogger friends that I admire.

There was finalfashion arriving in a blur of newspapers and parka who gulped down her ginger-pomagranate concoction and sped out to her next fashion week hoopla. I ran into OttawaStreetFashion or shall I saw YuppieActivist with her look alike sister. We gabbed about her live impressions of the shows during the week while I threw in a few cents from my read views of the shows. I always go back to how I do not agree wtih Joe Fresh showing at Fashion week eventhough he designs for Loblaws who pretty much pays for the week. Maybe they should have apples and bananas as little gifts on the front row chairs?

Later, I spotted TFI blogger: Carolyn in her metallic trench and zebra purse. I will see you at the TFI open house on April 2nd!

Finally I met the queen of the night: Kelly in her fuscia eco-friendly dress and eco-friendly boots?

If anything, I learned that I need to get myself a media pass and really hit it up next time around. Thankfully this is a biannual event so I don’t have to wait too long.

One thought on “f-week and eco-f

  1. Wish I hadn’t taken so long with my solo dinner so I could have stayed longer. I felt a bit silly. But glad I made it tow WxW which was lots of fun.

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