weekend entrepreneuring

As a person who doesn’t believe in casual Fridays, I was relieved to make it through the day feeling only slightly over-dressed. I wore my never  failing highwaisted grey checkered skirt, H&M black top, and knee high boots.

After all this was Part I (of II) of Entrepreneur weekend. First I was invited to the 10th anniversary of CUTC at the Hilton in Toronto. It was one of those conferences that attracts the cream of the crop techie students and related techie alumni AND all of their techie friends. I always feel quite at home with this crowd, mostly because I went to Waterloo and blackberry was a phone before it was a fruit to me.

I was reminded what a small world it was because within the crowd, I found a south asian wedding connection. Later I met Steve from Corner Office Leads and in the midst of glasses of chardanay, we discussed the financial metrics of Savillian. I then met a scibus undergrad student who started a company: Redwood Strategy.  I later had a discussion with the friend who  is working on a project: www.recruitmyfriends.com.

Later on Saturday, I threw on my beloved trenchcoat and Prada sunglasses and headed out to meet with the owner of Tinku Gallery. Definitely proof that twitter could work for business, especially entrepreneurs looking to push word of mouth around their company and brand.

Lots of ideas spinning around, potentially some major changes up ahead. I know that my speech next week to the scibus kids will kind of put things in perspective for me.

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