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A few weeks of hermit-like behaviour due to a pending payment has left my frequent fashion frolics largely non-existent. While my wallet has stayed fairly plump, my poor closet has remained unaudited.

Until, a tweet pulled me in to attend a discussion on style at the Drake Hotel.

It was filled with a very ecclectic group of uniquely dressed individuals representing points of fashion that were more in the realm of style than of fashion. In the sense that, no one followed trends or cared for seasonal shifts, instead the essence of personal style and the evolution of style was debated.

I chose to not participate vocally but listen intently to some very interesting points. I never thought that because we were never made to wear high heels, corsets or military jackets (with emblems) that now we actually desire to wear them for their novelty. Furthermore, that clothing could be argued as a piece of history that should not be altered or that it was in fact just stuff to pass along.

We all have a personal brand of some sort that is dictated in the way that we dress and this is something we can not deny. In the end, we all agreed that it was okay to dress anyway that you wanted to, and in fact it was applauded if you put in the effort regardless of whether it turned out good or not. The point is that you do whatever you do with the utmost of confidence, and that’s all you really need to wear.

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